Welcome to Pelt Farm Home of Folk Artist, Ken Pelt

Pelt Farm is composed of two parts. The Mirtie and Charlie Pelt Farm established in 1926 and the Mattie and Ben Jacobsen Farm established in 1906. Three hours after Ken Pelt was born in the nearby town of Sour Lake, he was at home at Pelt Farm in the community of Pine Ridge. During his lifetime he has lived in other places to attend college and earn a living, but never far from Pelt Farm. In 1974 he came back to Pelt Farm to stay.

Today Pelt Farm maintains a herd of Texas Longhorn Cattle. However, the main focus for the future is on the folk art paintings and writings of Ken Pelt. A museum is currently being created to house all 30 of Ken's completed paintings, including 22 from his just released book, Boyhood Memories. The museum is scheduled to open in the Spring of 2015.

Books and Paintings

Ken Pelt Folk Artist

Original Folk Art

Each of these charming paintings tells its own story with fascinating details and vivid colors. Browse through samples of Ken's work and find out more about the artist. Read More...

Ken Pelt Folk Artist

The Garden of Eden

Experience the story of mankind through the beautiful symbolism of Ken's most popular painting and explored in this inspirational book. Based on a literal interpretation of the Bible. Read More...

Ken Pelt Folk Artist

Boyhood Memories

Take a trip back in time to 1950's East Texas with this wonderful collection of paintings, historical photos, and interesting stories. A must have for history buffs and local Texans. Read More...

Ken Pelt Folk Artist

The Death of Freedom

Many of those who came before us have paid the price for our freedom. Ken chronicles the gradual loss of freedoms in the USA and offers practical solutions for restoration. Read More...