Ken Pelt, East Texas Writer and Folk Artist

Portrait of Ken Pelt ArtistKen Pelt grew up in the "Big Thicket" area of East Texas on a small subsistence farm near Sour Lake in Hardin County. Here in the rural community of Pine Ridge, during the 1940's and 1950's, he lived a life much like areas of Appalachia and parts of the rural South. Never having taken painting lessons or painting anything except a house or barn, and being color blind, Ken is not your normal artist. However, wanting to write stories about his life and his faith with his own illustrations, at 48 years of age he became a folk artist. The resulting combination of folk art paintings and short narratives along with historical and supporting pictures makes for a unique series of books.

Books by Ken Pelt

All of Ken's books are available for purchase online or by mail order. Please visit the individual product pages for more information.

The Garden of Eden - A beautiful book based on Ken's painting, "Garden of Eden", which is an attempt to tell the story of the paradise that God created on earth for His creation, mankind, and how the Garden of Eden fit with God's plan for mankind. Provides an in-depth look at the symbolism of the painting with inspirational insights into the book of Genesis. Find Out More...

Boyhood Memories - A beautiful, high quality, landscape size book that combines Ken's original folk art paintings and short narratives, along with historical pictures, to portray his childhood in early Texas. Packed with colorful full page images and old black and white photos. Find Out More...

The Death of Freedom - A 24-page booklet exploring the concepts on which the USA was founded and how we have strayed from those ideas. Offers solutions for restoring citizens' freedoms. Find Out More..

Ken has completed six additional paintings, which will be in his next book. These, along with the murals "Garden of Eden", "Eternal Life", "Bayou Village", and "Plantation Life", will be housed in the Ken Pelt Folk Art Museum.

Folk Art Gallery

Below are a few samples of Ken's original folk art paintings. Click on any image to enlarge.

Painting of Garden of Eden Featured in New BookFarmers Market PaintingBouquets of Zinnias Folk Art Painting Hog Hunting in Fall PaintingNew Clothes for Graduation Folk ArtMohawks and Warriors Painting Pine Ridge Baptist Church Painting Snow at Pelt Farm PaintingBaptizing Hole Folk Art Painting Cover of New Book About PaintingCover of Book with Folk Art CollectionBooklet Cover