The Death of Freedom by Ken Pelt

Freedom Is Not Free

Many of those who came before us have paid the price for us to have freedom today. Many paid with their lives. We live in the greatest experiment of self-government and freedom ever established by man. The freedom and liberty that we enjoy, others around the world can only dream of. Coming to America is the hope of many who live under Socialism or Communism. The USA is one of a few nations people will risk their lives to get into!

What price are we willing to pay to save freedom?

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The Death of Freedom is an informative 24 page booklet that reveals the only method left to stop an out of control FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!

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Thomas Jefferson, author of The Declaration of Independence and mentor of James Madison, the father of The Constitution and the Third President of The United States of America said "The loss of freedom is ever only one generation away."

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