Texas Longhorn Cattle at Pelt Farm

Texas Longhorn CattlePelt Farm raises true to type Texas Longhorns whose genetics can be traced back to six of the original seven families (WR, Yates, Phillips, Peeler, Wright and Butler). These are the type that evolved from a blend of about 80% Spanish and 20% Mongrel (English breeds) as per Texas Longhorn historian and writer J. Frank Dobie.

Texas Longhorns were a part of the Pelt Family as far back as the 1880's. In the 1930's they were crossed with Durham to increase marketabillity. In 1955 the open range was closed in Hardin County and soon thereafter only milk cows were left on Pelt Farm. In 1991 a bull and two cows of WR breeding were purchased from Larry Griggs to return Texas Longhorns to Pelt Farm.

After many years of selecting and culling, our genetics are mostly from Dickinson Cattle Company. In 2013, after saving Touchdown (Super Bowl) heifers for several years out of our Victory Lap cows, we sold Touchdown and replaced him with a bull out of the famous Longhorn Sire-JP Rio Grande and a Winchester daughter. This will give a one-quarter out cross to our Winchester and Super Bowl genetics. In order to get on a spring calving cycle, we held open most of our cows and heifers in 2013 and will breed in 2014 for spring 2015 calving. We believe that our new bull, Rio Sam Houston, who was named 2013 ITLA ALL AGE GRAND CHAMPION BULL at the LONGHORN EXTRAVAGANZA in Oklahoma City, OK, will move our small herd to the top level in Texas Longhorn genetics.

Our Genetics Goal At Pelt Farm

Beef conformation, size, and mothering ability. Fads in horns may come and go, but beef will always be in style. Most Texas Longhorns will ultimately end up as beef. Healthy beef promote Longhorn beef. Sell all you can by the head, but remember, most sell by the pound for beef.

Traditional Texas Twist horns. The public image of the Texas Longhorn is of Texas Twist horns. This is evident by the different Breed Association logos, The University of Texas Logo, and the horn pattern seen on coffee mugs, shirts, notebooks, etc. This image is worth millions of dollars in advertising. It is worth preserving. Once lost, it is hard to regain.

Beautiful colors and color patterns. In Texas Longhorn sales, where the sale is by the head for breeding stock and genetics, size, and horn being equal, color wins out. Sometimes over all else.


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